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NOTE: Buying local bees that are acclimatized to our region is beneficial. There are several honey bee breeders in our area that produce hearty stock. More importantly, Ontario bees are inspected and regulated and cannot be sold, given away or donated without an inspection certificate from OMAFRA. Please refer to the OMAFRA website Ontario Honeybee Queen, Nucleus and Colony Producers to confirm the seller's permit status.

General bee inquiries and swarm revoval

Jessie McFadden   356-0499

2018 import standards for Ontario

These are the requirements and restrictions for any colonies that may be imported to Ontario.
The inspection requirements will be done by the exporting province.

For Sale:

Equipment / Bottom screen boards (for checking for Varroa mites).

Rudy Kuchta   684-9028

Winterized enclosure for 5 or 10 hives.
Each one measures 2x8x3ft. high, insulated with styrofoam and cladded with chipboard. Very Light weight.

Rudy Kuchta   684-9028

Licensed Local Bee / nuc Suppliers:

Dean Harron   939-2733 or 622-2715

Rudy Kuchta   684-9028

Equipment and/or bees & nucs:




Canadian Beekeepers' Practical Handbook to Bee Biosecurity and Food Safety

A brief introductory article about Bee Biosecurity
Download the Handbook

Our presence on Facebook

Discussions about beekeeping in the Thunder Bay area happen on the Thunder Bay Beekeepers' Association facebook page. It's a venue that we don't have to pay for! Since we only have 4 meetings a year, we use facebook to chat regularly about our bees. It is a great option for people learning about beekeeping, as there are a number of experienced beekeepers who are willing to share their knowledge. As well, it's just a great place to see what other beekeepers are doing in their yards and sharing information that might be helpful to you.


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