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Bees on the Snow
from the Ontario Bee Journal - 08/12/11

Wildlife Damage Compensation changes
The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has recently narrowed the eligibility for claiming damages from a bear or other specified animal attack on honeybee colonies... Read More

Hive Management software
A roundup of the available software... Read More

Honeybees "entomb" hives to protect against pesticides
By sealing up cells full of contaminated pollen, bees appear to be attempting to protect the rest of the hive... Read More

Beekeeping in Yemen
February 2010 – The small country of Yemen has recently been in the news. The quality of Yemen honey is known across the Arab world. The prized crop, the flowers of 'ilb' (Ziziphus spina Christi,) and 'sumar' (Acacia tortillas), is sold for $100 to $150 per kilo... Read More

Want Honey? Open a grocery store for the bees.
April 2009 – Like most species on this earth, bees love flowers, and, it would be safe to say that flowers love bees; after all, who else pays such intimate attention to them? Since humans love the products which bees freely give us, it only stands to reason that we would do whatever it takes to encourage them... Read More

Chalk Brood
April 2009 – Across the entrance is a series of light to dark grey pupae, like white little mummies. This is 'chalk brood' a fungal infection of the larvae & pupae.   Read More

Island beekeepers warn of crisis: 90 percent of colonies wiped out.
Vancouver Island beekeepers are reeling from the worst commercial honeybee die-off in recent memory, with some estimating almost 90 per cent of colonies have been wiped out in the last few months. Read More

Bee Diseases: American Foulbrood
Caused by a bacterium - Paenibacillus larvae - AFB is the most destructive brood disease. Read More

Bee Diseases: Nosema
Nosema is now classified as fungi or fungi-related. Nosema apis has a resistant spore, which withstands temperature extremes and dehydration. Read More

Hygienic Bees: How to test your colonies
Hyngenic behaviour can result in resistance to American foulbrood, chalkbrood, sacbood and European foulbrood. Read More